To get to know our body by listening to it, learning to communicate with it, and enjoying it. Become a sort of horse whisperer to your own nature!

I draw abundantly from everything I have gathered in my long career as a movement enthusiast in the movement classes that I have been giving since the beginning of the COVID-19 period; twice a week online, via Jitsi Meet.

I incorporate elements from Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Taoist exercises by Mantak Chia, Japanese Do-In, and the “Niek Brouw Method.” Currently, I am studying the “Inward Method” with Simon Schellevis.

Over the years, my interest has shifted from form to content.

Bertold Brecht said, “I stand still for a moment, and that is a great progress.”

From Eastern movement arts comes the saying: “Standing still is the emperor of movement.” Indeed, only when you come to a complete standstill can you become aware of everything moving inside, allowing the body the opportunity to begin restoring harmony in all its wisdom.

Requirements: Patience, concentration, trust, and imagination; “Think first, then act.”

Practical details: We will be lying down, sitting, standing, and moving. A small space is sufficient. A mat or mattress. A meditation cushion or a chair.

You can participate in a free trial class. More information via contact.